2019 Grants
Early Opportunities Initiative
Breath of My Heart Birthplace (Espanola) $20,000 - Toward provision of low or no-cost prenatal care, midwifery and birthing services

CASA, First Judicial District (Santa Fe) $20,000 - For court-appointed advocacy work on behalf of children in the foster system, with an emphasis on birth to age three

Center for Development and Disability (Albuquerque) $25,000 - To strengthen capacity of rural clinical supervisors through provision of bi-weekly support and supervision on infant mental health

Central New Mexico Community College - Early Childhood Education Program (Albuquerque) $20,000 - For support of  faculty professional opportunities in infant/toddler care in the Early Childhood Education Program

Child and Family Development Center (Farmington) $40,000 - Toward staff professional development and update of outdoor classroom in the Child and Family Development Center

DreamTree Project, Inc. (Taos) $15,000 - To support Dream Tree Families Program providing emergency shelter and services to young people in crisis 

Embudo Valley Library and Community Center (Dixon) $6,000 - For early literacy STEM efforts directed towards infants, toddlers and their families

Esperanza Shelter for Battered Families (Santa Fe) $15,000 - To support infant mental health services in the Seeds of Hope Initiative

Fathers New Mexico (Santa Fe) $25,000 - Toward efforts in Santa Fe County and Northern New Mexico for support to fathers using system change strategies 

First Born of Northern NM (Las Vegas) $20,000 - For home visiting services to families, from pregnancy throughout age 3, in three northern counties

First Born State Program Office At Santa Fe Community College (Santa Fe) $26,000 - To support training and technical assistance for high quality home visiting and workforce development

First Steps/Children's Trust Fund (Taos) $15,000 - Toward strengthening opportunities for early childhood professional development in the Taos Loves Kids initiative

Food Depot (Santa Fe) $30,000 - For the Diaper Depot’s work (under the auspices of the Food Depot) providing diapers to those who need them in northern NM

Gerard's House (Santa Fe) $22,500 - For the Nuestra Jornada Young Parents Group providing grief support to those in need

Kids Counseling Inc (Las Vegas) $15,000 - To support training for providers in Circle of Security for trauma-informed services in San Miguel and Mora counties

La Familia Medical Center (Santa Fe) $100,000 - For support of the Nesting Project, a three-year comprehensive approach to meet the physical, medical, social and emotional needs of families and their children prenatal to three who are at the highest risk and from the most vulnerable populations in Santa Fe

LANL Foundation (Espanola) $40,000 - To work with a cohort of early childhood providers from the northern pueblos interested in obtaining additional early childhood education and training

Las Cumbres Community Services (Santa Fe) $65,000 - For infant and early childhood clinical services in Santa Fe, Rio Arriba and Taos Counties

Many Mothers (Santa Fe) $25,000 - To support home visiting services to families following the birth or adoption of a baby

New Mexico Alliance for School Based Health Care (Albuquerque) $18,000 - To ensure access to healthcare for expectant/parenting teens and their children

New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty (Albuquerque) $35,000 - To improve the health, welfare, and economic security of New Mexico's babies, toddlers and their families

New Mexico Kids Matter Inc. (Albuquerque) $15,000 - To support advocacy work for Native American infants and toddlers in the foster system

New Vistas (Santa Fe) $20,000 - For expansion of Early Intervention (EI) groups for child skill development and family coaching that place family and guardians at the center of EI service delivery

NM Appleseed (Santa Fe) $10,000 - Toward advocacy that will create a state research and evaluation lab, using data to identify risk factors, to prevent poor child wellbeing outcomes

NM Assoc. for Infant Mental Health (Albuquerque) $10,000 - To support reflective supervision and training for professional development to strengthen the safety net for vulnerable and at-risk infants and their families

NM Assoc. for the Education of Young Children (Albuquerque) $30,000 - Toward work for early childhood advocacy and support though refundable tax credits to build a skilled and well-compensated early childhood workforce

NM Child Advocacy Networks (Albuquerque) $15,000 - To support young parents, matching them with critical services to meet the needs of their infants and toddlers through work that will also inform policy

NM Voices for Children (Albuquerque) $45,000 - To bolster advocacy efforts for increased funding for high-quality Early Childhood Care and Education programs in New Mexico, as well as an improved policy environment

Parents Reaching Out (Albuquerque) $18,000 - To support early childhood components of the annual Family Leadership Conference and expand outreach to families in New Mexico

Planned Parenthood of NM (Albuquerque) $20,000 - To strengthen the Responsible Sex Education Institute Program in Santa Fe,  working with high-risk young people

Playschool of the Arts for Kids (Santa Fe) $15,000 - To purchase new materials and update the learning environment for a center working with primarily at-risk young children

Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation (Espanola and Socorro) $10,000 - To augment and enhance services and resources for babies in the context of vulnerable and at-risk communities

Presbyterian Medical Services/Early Childhood Care (Santa Fe) $25,000 - Toward the provision of early childhood care for infants and toddlers at the Institute of American Indian Arts

Prosperity Works (Albuquerque) $25,000 - To support a pilot savings program at Northern New Mexico College to benefit young children and their parents

Railyard Park Conservancy (Santa Fe) $15,000 - To expand Railyard Park's Sand Play Saturday Program

Reach Out and Read Inc. (Boston, MA) $20,000 - To provide early literacy guidance to benefit children and infants in Santa Fe, Rio Arriba and Taos counties during well baby and well child check ups at high-need pediatric care sites

REEL FATHERS (Santa Fe) $7,500 - Toward the creation of a new program called Daddy Meetups to increase access to programs and services for fathers with infants and young children

Safety and Success Community (Anna, Age Eight) (Santa Fe) $10,000 - To translate the book Anna, Age Eight into Spanish in order to serve the Spanish-speaking community

Santa Fe Children's Museum (Santa Fe) $20,000 - To strengthen and expand programs for infants, toddlers and their families, as well as create specific programming for “Wee Wednesdays”

Santa Fe Community College (Santa Fe) $27,000 - To improve the quality and amount of professional development for Kids Campus staff to include training on trauma-informed care and the application of Reggio Emilia principles

Santa Fe Public Library (Santa Fe) $39,000 - To support the Books and Babies program in Spanish and English in all three Santa Fe Public Library branches

Searchlight New Mexico (Santa Fe) $40,000 - Toward work in investigative reporting that will build the case for greater equity and opportunity for infants, children and their families

Southwest Women's Law Center (Albuquerque) $15,000 - To support advocacy for New Mexico pregnant worker accommodation and paid family medical leave

St. Elizabeth Shelter (Santa Fe) $10,000 - For Casa Familia Women and Family Shelter in order to stabilize families with young children experiencing homelessness and match them with applicable services to address pressing needs

Tewa Women United (Santa Cruz) $17,500 - Two-year support of the Yiya Vi Kagingdi Doula Training Program to create culturally congruent prenatal, birthing and postpartum services for vulnerable communities in northern NM

Twirl Play & Discovery Space (Taos) $10,000 - Toward the community play space and early childhood programs based out of Taos and serving the surrounding area

United Way of Santa Fe County (Santa Fe) $25,000 - To support the Family, Friends and Neighbors Program in Santa Fe County that places young children in home settings for care

UNM - Family Development Program (Albuquerque) $34,000 - For enhancing leadership training for educators and directors participating in CNM’s Mentor and Director Networks and expansion of the Summer Leadership Institute

UNM - NM Evaluation Lab (Albuquerque) $15,000 - To support early childhood providers in developing sustainable evaluation systems that lead to continuous program improvement and improved outcomes for young children and their families

UNM Envision (Albuquerque) $25,000 - To strengthen the work optimizing care for babies experiences neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome (NOWS) by expanding work on training, coaching, and other forms of support to clinical providers in rural hospitals 

UNM Taos Paso a Paso Network (Ranchos de Taos) $31,000 - To support the Taos Early Childhood Alliance work with family, friends and neighbors in order to improve access to services for families with young children

Western New Mexico University (Silver City) $50,000 - Toward creation of a “master plan” to establish pathways for a highly developed early childhood workforce in support of young children in at-risk situations

Youth Heartline (Taos) $10,000 - For work to support abused and neglected children especially with services tailored to infants, toddlers and their families

Youth Shelters and Family Services (Santa Fe) $30,000 - To support comprehensive case management services to pregnant youth and young families experiencing homelessness
Discretionary Grants
Audubon NM (Santa Fe) $25,000 - For support of Audubon’s  environmental education program including field trips, teacher training, early childhood education, and community programming

New Mexico Immigrant Law Center (Albuquerque) $10,000 - To support work advancing justice and equity by empowering low-income immigrant communities through collaborative legal service, advocacy and education

NM Environmental Law Center (Santa Fe) $15,000 - For safeguarding clients’ environmental protection objectives, including equitable policy and regulatory practices that support healthy communities

NM Wilderness Alliance (Albuquerque) $5,000 - Toward supporting the health of NM’s wilderness, wildlife and water through public lands stewardship with youth and families

Santa Fe Conservation Trust (Santa Fe) $5,000 - To finalize a strategic conservation plan with key stakeholders

Santa Fe Watershed Association (Santa Fe) $2,000 - For work to restore and protect the Santa Fe River watershed through stewardship, education, restoration, and advocacy

Somos Un Pueblo Unido (Santa Fe) $10,000 - To support work in community education, policy advocacy,  organizing and litigation on behalf of low-wage workers and immigrant families

Think New Mexico (Santa Fe) $10,000 - Toward research and advocacy on innovative public policy reforms that address serious challenges in New Mexico, including improving education and reducing poverty
2019 Brindle Fund Grants
Via the Santa Fe Community Foundation​

ACLU of NM Foundation
Educational Center
Audubon NM
Breath of My Heart Birthplace
The Food Depot/Diaper Depot
Growing Great Kids, Raton!
Hermit’s Peak Watershed Alliance
J. Paul Taylor Fund
Holy Cross Medical Center

NM Infant Team Project
Prosperity Works
Santa Fe Baby Fund
Santa Fe Community College Foundation
Santa Fe Reporter
Southwest Care Center
TEWA Women United
UNM Foundation
UNM Foundation, Cradle to Career
Villa Therese Clinic