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Grantee and
Applicant Portal
Use this page to apply for a Brindle grant, update your organization's information, and upload grant reports.
Portal now open for Brindle's
2018 Early Opportunities grants!
Proposals due 9/14/18
To apply / login
We have continued to move our grant process online; all grant applications are done through this site.

Before you start, please review our updated Grant Guidelines and focus areas within Early Childhood. If your organization (/department/group) applied for a Brindle Early Opportunities grant in 2016 or 2017, use the email address you had used before to sign in, or click "obtain login info" box below. If you haven't applied online to Brindle before and would like to for this grant, register your organization below to begin.

Computer requirements

You will need a current version of a major web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari - we recommend Chrome, which may be downloaded here). Older or other browsers, including versions of Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, may not display or submit forms correctly or are blocked where known security issues exist. Logging in uses session cookies (removed once you log out) and Javascript (both of which are almost always on by default - or see Javascript and cookies for further instructions to check/enable). In some cases a network or firewall settings can affect how things load - so if you encounter any other issues viewing, using a different computer or network connection can be a solution.
Please begin your application early. You save your progress as you go, having the option to leave and return up until you submit it. If any problems arise we can help, but we'd need enough time before the deadline to do so!
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